• Aronia Berry Juice and COVID

    Feb 20th 2021

    Aronia Berry Juice and COVID

    I’m an educator who works at a research university, but I’m not a scientist. I’m not a teacher either. I create opportunities for people to learn. As the owner of a company that makes and sells pro…

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  • Our Story (And Yours) In the Making

    May 1st 2020

    Our Story (And Yours) In the Making

    Community newspapers are such positive forces for good.  They help make communities stronger and more connected.  They are exactly what we need today when people are feeling so disconnected…

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  • Shrub Drink – What is it?

    Feb 5th 2020

    Shrub Drink – What is it?

    Usually when people hear about Shrubbly, their first question is, “What is a shrub drink?” Wonder no more, we are here to tell you!Dating back to the 15th century, shrubs were a popular preservation…

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  • Good Stories to Share

    Aug 17th 2019

    Good Stories to Share

    Our tagline "It's Your Shot" refers not only to the wellness shot that flavors our Shrubbly®; we are hoping that this daily drink will help inspire you to "Go Bold" -- to go for it, jump in, take a c…

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  • Intro to Shrubbly®

    Aug 16th 2019

    Intro to Shrubbly®

    Shrubbly® is all about refreshment and boldly taking your shot. Our company motto is "Go Bold". We believe... in boldly chasing our dreams, working hard, taking our best shot, and pressing on; spen…

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