Start to Soar Fund

Every day we create our future. Let's make sure our future is bright.  

The 1920s were Roaring. It was a return to “normalcy”, a time of widespread prosperity, and a social, artistic, and cultural boom right after a world war and the Spanish Flu pandemic. As we re-emerge from this pandemic and another difficult time in our history, we can usher in a new decade like the Roaring 20s but better – The Soaring 20s.

It will take creativity and hard work to make the 2020s soaring. 

Shrubbly is a start-up that is just starting to soar.  We know from our own experience what a struggle it can be to get started right now.  It's been a hard year, but we are pressing on and as we take off we want to help others start to soar too. You can help strengthen your community by supporting The Start to Soar Fund.

We established this fund to support people who are trying to create resources and opportunities that will help reconnect and strengthen their communities.  Money raised for the Start to Soar Fund will be distributed through a charitable organization.

We are so grateful to Iron Heart Canning and Aqua ViTea for their generous contribution of production services to support this Fund.

Some examples of how this funding might be used include:

  • Supporting a fitness instructor seeking to create an outdoor group exercise program in a local park.
  • Helping an unemployed restaurant worker buy supplies to get started selling home-made goods at a local farmer’s market.
  • Funding the development of an initial website for someone starting an In-Home Senior Care service.

The image of Flappers dancing joyfully comes to mind as we think of the 1920’s.  At the start of the 2020’s the image of young girls joyfully watching the swearing in of the first Woman and Woman of Color as Vice President inspires hope for what’s to come in this decade.

Thank you for helping make this decade the Soaring 20s!