Our Story (And Yours) In the Making

Our Story (And Yours) In the Making

May 1st 2020

Community newspapers are such positive forces for good.  They help make communities stronger and more connected.  They are exactly what we need today when people are feeling so disconnected due to COVID-19.  I don't read much in print these days, but I always enjoy flipping through our local paper, the Hinesburg Record, whenever it arrives in our mailbox.  I was thrilled when they said that they wanted to do a story on Shrubbly. It's a little nerve-racking to have such a personal story shared in print with your whole community, but hopefully people will be able to relate in some way to our story.  If you would like to read the story you can find The Hinesburg Record May 2020 Issue online.

We're also sharing some of our story on Instagram where we've posted this 1-minute home-made video.  It's so encouraging to get supportive comments from our community, which is now growing.  At first it was our neighbors and friends who responded to our posts, but now we're actually connecting to new people, which is really encouraging.  Putting something you have created out for the whole world to see and try is exciting but also unsettling, especially if you have always just worked hard in the background and are uncomfortable with self promotion.  We decided to be bold, take our shot, and put ourselves out there because we honestly believe we have created something good for people, so we actually want people to know about it.    

We hope our story becomes a story of a community across our whole country and beyond.  I'm talking about more than just a story of people nationwide drinking a Shrubbly every day as a good daily habit.  I'm talking about a story of a community of people who relate to our story in some way and appreciate our genuine attempts to reinforce the message that there are many different ways to take your shot in life -- to go bold and make your own story what you want it to be.

Please tag us @shrubbly as you Go Bold and share your story.