What's a Shrub?

"Plucked from their roots in Colonial times and earlier, sweetened, fruit-infused vinegar syrups called Shrubs are flourishing anew.  They're helping savvy mixologists add tangy complexity to modern cocktails, mocktails, and seltzers." - Mimi Bigelow Steadman in Northern New England Journey magazine.

Shrubs are blends of fruit and slightly sweetened vinegar that were popular in old time America to flavor cocktails. Today many bartenders and mixologists have rediscovered Shrubs and are using them to craft delicious cocktails. These natural, sweet-tart mixers originated hundreds of years ago when vinegar was used as a way to preserve fruit prior to the advent of refrigeration.

We have given our Shrubs a modern twist for wellness.  We use only common wellness shot ingredients and transform organic fruit, herbs and spices into delicious Shrub mixers, so we can add a healthy  Shrub Shot™ to every can of Shrubbly®.

We make our Shrub mixers with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as the base ingredient and sweeten some with Organic Honey because both ACV and honey are known to offer exceptional health benefits.