What's a Shrub?

"Plucked from their roots in Colonial times and earlier, sweetened, fruit-infused vinegar syrups called Shrubs are flourishing anew.  They're helping savvy mixologists add tangy complexity to modern cocktails, mocktails, and seltzers." - Mimi Bigelow Steadman in Northern New England Journey magazine

Shrubs are a combination of fruit and vinegar. Historically, they were popular as a way to preserve fruit before the days of refrigeration, and were also common mixers in colonial cocktails. Today, shrubs are touted for their prebiotics, powerful health benefits and invigorating taste.

Our shrubs are made in small batches with pressed, organic fruit, herbs, spices, and other wellness shot ingredients including...

  • ARONIA BERRY - This antioxidant superfruit (boasting 5x the antioxidant power of blueberries or cranberries) is grown on founder Matt Sayre’s USDA Organic Certified family farm in Hinesburg, Vermont. Shrubbly is the only shrub maker to use aronia berries. Considered medicinal by Native Americans, early lab studies on aronia show promise in fighting conditions like cancer, diabetes, and more.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - Organic apple cider vinegar has many health benefits associated with it including increasing metabolism, encouraging weight loss, stabilizing blood sugar, and calming acid reflux.
  • PREBIOTICS - Apple cider vinegar and aronia juice contain prebiotics, which are key to supporting overall digestive health and feeding probiotics.
  • HONEY - Shrubbly’s Aronia Berry + Pomegranate is slightly sweetened with organic honey. While certainly a natural alternative to refined sugar, when consumed in moderation, honey may even confer health benefits through its plant compounds and antioxidants.