About Us

We believe in chasing dreams and making good by working hard, taking our best shot, and pressing on. Trying to put all the pieces together for a farm and a food startup was a long shot, but after a lengthy search for farmland that we could afford, in 2010 we finally found the perfect place. For the first few years we worked to build a small farmhouse for our family, and then on April 26, 2013 we planted our first berry bush.  Nearly seven years later, on January 31, 2020 we filled our first cans of Shrubbly®. 

We placed those first cans onto shelves on the memorable date of 02/20/20. They started selling really well at local markets and cafes, then COVID-19 hit.  We kept things going as a family during the pandemic and we were so thankful to have Chelsea join us in 2022.  COVID made the importance of our mission even more clear. 

Our mission is to make regenerative drinks that help reinvigorate people and places.

Shrubbly is all about refreshment and reinvigoration. Our use of "It's Your Shot" and “Your Shot, Your Way" on our packaging is about more than the wellness shot in each can. We hope Shrubbly helps invigorate you and provides the refreshment you need (and a little encouragement) to do your thing, to take your best shot, in your own way. (Even if it is a long shot.)

Sparkling Shrubs

We make old-fashioned Shrubs modern with pressed organic fruit, herbs, and spices and then use each Shrub mixer to add crisp, refreshing flavor to Sparkling Water. We use only organic Apple Cider Vinegar as the base ingredient because it is known to offer exceptional health benefits.  Some of our Shrubs are sweetened with organic Honey, which has long been known as a natural remedy.  Each Shrub is simply mixed with carbonated water and pasteurized for safety to create Shrubbly®.  It is a whole new type of beverage in a category of its own – Sparkling Shrubs.